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When life’s been good to you, it’s good to give something back.

Local leaders created the Oconomowoc Area Foundation in 2002 to provide an easy, effective way for those who want to provide support to local charitable causes. It includes a general fund and 14 affiliated funds that collectively provide approximately $300,000 in grants annually.

Gifts to the Foundation help build a general fund that supports local projects screened by the Oconomowoc civic leaders who make up the Foundation’s board. From this general fund, the Foundation makes grants focusing on five areas: caring for children, developing youth, helping those in need, preserving our environment and enriching the community economically and culturally.

Donors may also establish an affiliated fund that they name and dedicate to causes they choose. Designated funds support agencies or fields of interest specified by their donors. Advised funds provide donors with a way to channel support from their fund to causes they recommend periodically. All gifts are tax deductible and qualify for the highest possible savings on income, capital gains and estate taxes.

The Oconomowoc Area Foundation is a supporting foundation of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, one of the nation’s largest, most experienced community foundations. Together we ensure that the funds that make up the Oconomowoc Area Foundation are managed prudently and administered efficiently.

2023 OAF Board of Directors

The OAF Board of Directors - Susan Bickler   Randy Bourdo   Brian Ewald   Glenn Hanon
Terry Holahan  Bob Johnson, Chairman   Susan Kay, Secretary  
Pat McNamee   Lou Morgan   Katie Newcomb   Kevin Pehler   Todd Scheid, Treasurer 
Cal Schmidt   Rebecca Seymour   Bob Snyder   Andrea Stack


Foundation Coordinator - Maribeth Bush

                                                          A supporting foundation of The Greater Milwaukee Foundation

The OAF Staff


Maribeth Bush

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Foundation Coordinator


Danielle Breem 2020 website photo b.w.JP

Danielle Breen

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 Associate Program Officer

Greater Milwaukee Foundation


Will Janisch

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Philanthropic Adviser

Greater Milwaukee Foundation

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