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Application Procedures

Oconomowoc Area Foundation Grant Requests

The Oconomowoc Area Foundation supports programs for children and youth, human services, arts and culture, conservation and economic development within the city of Oconomowoc or otherwise serving Oconomowoc residents. It is intended that grants be used to encourage the development of new programs or program expansions rather than as budget contributions to sustain the existing level of service.

Priority will be given to nonprofit projects pertaining to: arts and culture; basic necessities, including food and shelter for those in need; children and youth, particularly teens; economic development; elders, particularly those with limited access to community services; environment, with an emphasis on preservation through reduction of pollution, conservation or restoration or natural areas, education, or protection of wildlife; and health with a focus on support services for persons facing life-threatening conditions or the families of such persons.

The Oconomowoc Area Foundation provides donors with a way to create permanent charitable funds dedicated to local causes of the donor’s choice. It is affiliated with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.

For further information, please contact Fred Gutierrez at 414-336-7037 or visit the application website.

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