Donor-Advised Funds

Philanthropy Your Way

A Donor-Advised Fund uses a simple philanthropic formula: Establish a fund with a gift. Earn immediate tax savings. Recommend gifts from the fund whenever you wish. We do the homework, the legwork and the paperwork. You get the enjoyment of giving-without the headaches.

How it is established: 

A simple gift agreement specifies your fund’s name, the names of those who may recommend grants from it and the Foundation investment pool it will use.


Minimum gift:

$25,000. You may add to your fund at any time.


Who may recommend grants:

You designate your fund’s “advisors” (those authorized to recommend grants from it) when you start the fund.


Grants you may recommend from your fund: 

You decide what grants to recommend. Your fund should primarily support local projects. Federal laws require that your fund support recognizable charitable groups and that you receive nothing of value in return. We’ll ensure that your grant recommendations comply with applicable laws and requirements.



Your fund benefits from the economies of scale offered by our affiliation with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, one of the largest community foundations in the nation. Our low fees vary according to fund size and investment pool you choose. Check with the Foundation representatives for complete current information.


Permanent purpose: 

Your donor-advised fund includes a statement of how its grants should be used after all of its advisors have passed away. You may leave it up to the Foundation to choose grant recipients or you may specify the ways in which you want your fund to help (such as scholarships, recreation programs, etc.) or designate specific local agencies to receive grants from it.


Other services you’ll receive: 

We’ll make grants promptly and notify you when they have been sent. We’ll provide regular fund statements showing investment activity, income, grants and fees. We’ll update you periodically on charitable issues and news in the community. If you want, we’ll notify you of opportunities to join with other fund donors on significant community projects. If you ask, we’ll track down information on charitable causes for you, answer questions about charitable giving and provide expert charitable planning suggestions. And we will ensure that the charitable purposes you specify for you fund are carried out forever.