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Donor-Designated Funds

Help That Never Ends

Donor-Designated Funds provide lasting support for purposes you designate. By balancing your fund’s yearly grants with its long-term growth, we ensure it helps Oconomowoc in the ways you specify for generations to come.

How it is established:

A gift agreement specifies your fund’s name, the purpose it will permanently support and the Foundation investment pool it will use.


Minimum gift:

$25,000. You may add to your fund at any time.



When you start your fund, you designate your fund’s “advisors,” the individuals authorized to recommend grants on your behalf.

Grants you may recommend from your fund:

You can designate the fund you establish in three ways.

  1. If you designate it to serve the Oconomowoc Area Foundation, it will provide yearly support to address community needs.

  2. You may also designate a local agency or group of agencies to receive annual grants from your fund 

  3. Finally, you may choose a cause you care about, such as scholarships, athletic programs, cultural resources or programs for children with disabilities. The Foundation will make grants from your fund to address these needs every year. Grants from your fund should primarily support local projects. You may designate colleges, medical research programs or other charitable causes outside the area as partial beneficiaries of your fund it you like.


Your fund benefits from the economics of scale offered by our affiliation with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, one of the largest community foundations in the nation. Our low fees vary according to fund size and the investment pool you choose.


Check with Foundation representatives for complete current information.

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