Charitable Funds

Grants from the charitable funds listed below will be made in the name of the fund now and for generations to come.

Richard R. and Karen Bertrand Charitable Fund

The Breckenfelder Family Charitable Fund

The Dave Bruno Family Fund

J. Burchardt Family Charitable Fund

Richard and Mary Henszey Family Fund

George Andrew Markham Memorial Fund

William Mielke Family Foundation Fund

Christmas Spirit Foundation – John and Margaret Murphy

The Oconomowoc Area Community Fund

The Oconomowoc Area Foundation Fund

The Hilbert Scherffius Fund

Craig and Mary Schiefelbein Foundation Fund

Schumann Family Fund

John and Susan Snyder Family Fund

Maureen Stapleton Fund

Chris and Kathy Thorsen Family Foundation Fund

Legacy Funds

The following have made arrangements to make a donation directly to the foundation or start a fund with the OAF to support the causes they care about most.

John and Judy Cooley

Harvey and Mary Paulin

Hilton L. and Jean A Neal

Alice Y. Kozlowski

Acorn Funds

Bruce C. and Joan K. Brown Family Foundation

The Bush Family Foundation Fund

Marjorie A. Day Fund

Sally J. Day Fund

The Oconomowoc Public Education Foundation Fund

Shult Family Foundation Fund

Sivak Family Foundation

Jon Spheeris Family Fund

Waukesha State Bank

Nate Zastrow Family Foundation

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