Signature Club

By becoming a member of the OAF Signature Club, your commitment to giving today can impact the lives of many for years to come right here in our community.

What does membership in the OAF Signature Club mean?

Sometime during your lifetime, you are committing to donate a minimum of $10,000 to the OAF Signature Club general endowment fund. The beauty is, it’s entirely up to you to decide how and when to give.


Gerard and Carol Adler

Ramon Aguirre

Rick and Stacie Andritsch

Ludwig and Kimberly Banach

Alton and Blythe Bathrick

Phil and Maggie Battenberg

Kurt and Carrie Begalke

Michael and Kelly Begler

Michael and Lani Bertrand

Richard and Karen Bertrand

Dave and Kim Bevan

Michael and Susan Bickler

Frank and Christine Both

Randy and Laura Bourdo

David and Sue Breckenfelder

Lynne Brock

Bruce and Jo Brown

Lee and Robin Buchholtz

Maribeth Bush

Frank R. and Kiersten Carlson III

Tim and Maureen Clark

Geoffrey and Deborah Clouthier

Patty Cochrane

Jim and Tina Cook

Jeffrey and Debra Cox

Dirk and Terry Debbink

Pete and Jo Debbink

Robert and Lorri Denman

Malcolm and Susan Dorn

Bob and Beth Duffy

John and Michele Eimon

Brian and Betty Ewald

Dan and Patti Ewald

Karen Faestel

Conor Farley

Keith and Vicki Farley

Carl and Jane Geraldson

Paul and Sylvia Geraldson

Clark and Kathy Gridley

Ken and Lynn Hacker

Brian and Kim Hagmayer

Pat and Melanie Hammer

Mark Hansen

David and Lynn Harris

Harris Family Foundation

Heidi Pieper Harwood

Erik and Lisa Hayes

Richard and Mary Henszey

Mark and Lisa Herdt

Michael and Kristina Higbee

John and Michelle Hogan

Coral Holbrook

Phil and Judy Holland

James and Gloria Holsen

Jim and Ana Hughes

Sean and Paula Jacobs

Karen Jensen

Todd Jerred and Tamara Hauck

Bob Johnson

David and Lynne Jorgensen

Mike Judkins

Nick and Amy Kavelaris

Tim and Susan Kay

David and Julie Keck

Kurt and Kathy Kellogg

Dennis and Eileen Kester

Rudy and Diane Knutson

Paul and Tana Kopydlowski

Louis and Lori Kowieski

Michael and Marjorie Krauski

Kelsey Lehman

Matt and Dolly Lehman

Vicki L. Lublin

Bob and Gina Magnus

Eric and Deanna Marincic

Eric and Caroline McHale

Pat and Mary Sue McNamee

John and Deb Meunier

William and Barbara Mielke

Mike and Sigi Miller

Mark and Katie Mohr

Louie and Lisette Morgan

Morgan Family Foundation

Joseph and Jennifer Moylan

Paul and Jessie Mueller

John and Margaret Murphy

Daniel and Patty Napgezek

Andrew and Julie Naumann

Curt and Pat Neudecker

Katie Newcomb

Diem Nguyen and Mike Fagan

James and Leslie Olson

Charles and Susan Osborn

Kevin and Cindy Pagenkopf

Brian and Heather Paulin

Rick and Shae Pavlic

Sandra L. Pieper

Warren and Ann Pierson

Cheryl Prescott

John and Mary Reich

Tony and Eileen Rieder

Kathleen M. Ruehlow

Cole Russell

Rick and Any Russell

Bill and Jamie Sandsmark

Craig and Mary Schiefelbein

Todd and Leah Scheid

Stan and Jodi Schlender Dabrowski

James and Dona Schlesing

Calvin and Suzanne Schmidt
Kurt and Judy Schrang

Tim and Kim Schultz

Truman and Barbara Schultz

Chris and Trish Shult

Todd and Kirsten Sivak

Mark and Maggie Smith

Bob and Gwen Snyder

Jerry Snyder

John and Susan Snyder

Michael and Stacey Snyder

Patrick and Luly Snyder

Tom Snyder

Steve and Andrea St. Thomas

Greg and Andrea Stack

Maureen Stapleton

Josef Stark

Mark and Cindy Stenzel

Chris and Kathy Thorsen

Ford and Bobbe Titus

Dave and Karen Trepton

Andrew and Wendy Uhl

Chad and Carrie Vande Zande

Mike and Cheryl Walden

Bryan and Nicole Waltersdorf

Hans and Marijo Weissgerber, Jr

Brian and Julie Well

Mike and Megan Welsh

William and Jane Wierdsma

Gertrude Wilkinson

David and Lisa Young

Lyndsay Young

Randy and Jenny Young

Walt and Gwen Young

Nate and Kristina Zastrow